Wednesday, 27 June 2012

'B' celebrity

To my knowledge I have never appeared on television or had my photo in a newspaper or magazine, though I was once 'papped' at Edinburgh airport beside Kate Moss after a big weekend celebrating Hogmanay - to be honest it was just a coincidence as we were on the same flight back to London. Although Kate did give me a little wink as we departed - maybe that night was bigger than I remembered!!

Without reminiscing further or hanging on that point (the Police have only recently lifted my restraining order..). I found out this week that my six year old son has had his photograph published in the July edition of Birdwatch magazine, he hasn't won an award for his birding achievements or even written an article on Siberian Stonechat identification, he simply accompanied me on a recent local twitch to see a Melodious Warbler in Leyton - which you can read about here:

Whilst there I happened to take a photograph of him using my bins as I tried to point him in the general direction of the bird (notice the strap is firmly and safely around his neck - bloody expensive those bins) and after reading a previous edition of Birdwatch, where they were requesting photographs of individuals/groups out in the field birding - I emailed the photo and thought no more about it.

What a joy it was to see the photo when I eventually got my hands on a copy of this excellent, must have birding magazine (I'm easily bought) this week. I, just like any other dad would, beamed with delight at seeing his photograph in full glorious colour and couldn't help thrusting the page under the nose of anybody I knew and several people I didn't!

My new favourite birding magazine!

I've not shown my son the page yet as I would like him to discover it for himself when we flick through the magazine together as we tend to do and then hopefully get to see his surprised reaction as he realises that's him in 'Daddy's' magazine - although knowing kids, you don't always get the reaction you're after!

The July edition of 'Birdwatch' magazine is available from all good newsagents now.

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