Friday, 22 June 2012

The big launch

So...who or what is "The Cowboy Birder". Well, it's a pseudonym, character or personality I assume when I have my other hat on! That of a birder or dare I whisper it a  'filthy twitcher' - and before anyone asks, there are currently no plans to wear a ten gallon hat, chaps and a set of spurs and I won't be arriving at the next big twitch by horse!

As only a recent convert to the art of blogging, my initial aim with the "Conservation with a smile" blog was to inspire or bring the nature conservation/environmental message to a slightly less informed audience, this will not change and I plan to continue to put out this message, but recently I've noticed most of my posts have been regarding birding/twitching trips I've taken and the birds I have seen or dipped. This was never my first intention but since my self enforced exile from birding which lasted over 15 years - I've caught the bug again! I never totally stopped birdwatching during this period, I always looked out for birds when on holiday or in the garden, I just stopped getting up at the crack of dawn to visit a local patch, nature reserve or to chase birds around the country, I basically wanted to try and experience new things in my life and having mostly achieved these things now. I feel a renewed energy and vigour for birding which in part has been influenced by the blogs I've read, the photographs I've viewed and the people I've met, along with the help of the social media I use to keep in touch with a network of like minded people - which wasn't around 15 years ago. I believe these are exciting times to belong or to be part of the birding scene once again.

There you have it in an nutshell, the arrival of the "The Cowboy Birder"! I hope to bring you my birding news and trips with a light hearted touch, never to be taken too seriously and with plenty of bad cowboy puns along the way.

So, saddle up and enjoy the ride...!

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