Saturday, 30 June 2012

What is your 'Twitter' rating?

Twitter - the social media tool newly used by birders for keeping up-to-date with the latest birding sightings, equipment, events, etc, etc and obviously a way of connecting to like minded people, or if you're like me, a tool mostly to have a bit of fun with, whilst occasional tweeting in support of a charity or organisation which needs to get an important message out to a wider audience.

But have you thought about how you might 'rate' amongst your fellow Twitterati! Rate - I hear you say, yes rate! I've devised a simple maths sum to allow you to see which category you fall under, based upon 'The Cowboy Birders' 'O' level maths and my amazing super 'Cowboy' scale - this is purely a bit of fun and not be taken too seriously, especially if you score higher than you might think and thus could be a bit sadder and more desperate to be accepted in today's society than you might have otherwise thought!

The chart below shows my rating, note I almost need a stint in rehab! I've listed a few celebrities and birders we all know and love as an example of how the scale works.

Numbers correct at time of writing

The simple formula you need to work out your own 'Twitter Rating' is:  Following/Followers x Tweets = ?

Or for anyone who bunked off Maths for a sneaky cigarette or to twitch a rarity: divide the number of people you are Following, by the number of Followers you have, multiplied by how many Tweets you have written and this gives you your 'Twitter Rating' on the Cowboy scale.

Where do you rate on the 'Cowboys' scale?

Ideally you want to have scored less than 500 but for anybody who has scored over 500 (which includes myself) switch off the phone/tablet, turn off your PC, dust your bins off and get out into the field and go watch some birds, butterflies or something and breath in that fresh air - life is too short to be glued to a screen of any description!

*Anybody who doesn't use the medium of Twitter (you probably have a life) is probably thinking what the f*ck, and I apologise for a very uninspiring post - I promise bird news soon, but it is June!

Copyright @TheCowboyBirder (Just in case anybody wants to cross my palm with golden nuggets)

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