Friday, 31 August 2012

Just a little bit more footage!

It's about time birdwatching ditched its old stuffy image and picking up a pair of bins became cool, trendy and appealed to a new younger generation - well I've found someone with a newer, fresher look and feel to watching birds!

Rob Coyle and his 'Birds I've Seen' podcasts inject new life into an old hobby! The stereo typical birdwatcher and his geography teacher look (woolly hat, wax jacket, brown cords and jumper with elbow patches) is out the window and in come skinny jeans, trendy t-shirt and a pair of white framed sunglasses, all of which doesn't feel out of place in Brick Lane or Hoxton Square - although it does look as if beards are still cool! Of course I might be completely wrong and Rob actually is a geography teacher!!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings...check out this video link!

You can see how I've been swayed by Rob's video content (Wanstead Flats and the Wryneck I found!) Still, I enjoyed his presenting style, bird graphics and choice of music.

I wish Rob the best of luck with this project and any future podcasts.

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