Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bombycilla Rainhamus

A Friday afternoon visit to Barking Bay was somewhat spoilt by misjudging the high tide by around an hour! Thus ruining any hopes I had of seeing a few waders feeding on the last of the exposed mud - scant consolation were five Snipe flushed from the edge of the saltmarsh, so I decided to give the surrounding scrub a bit a of a bash.

Circling the scrub it was evident winter Finch numbers were looking healthy with over a hundred flighty Linnet in the area joined on the periphery by a couple of calling Redpoll - all of which were being kept on their toes by a rather striking male Sparrowhawk.

I hadn't seen a great deal else when I received news of a Waxwing just down the road at Rainham Marsh feeding on the Hawthorn berries adjacent to the RSPB visitors centre, having not seen any locally this year as yet I was on site within 15 minutes and greeted at reception by Mr Vaughan who directed me straight onto the bird - magic! It doesn't matter how often or how many of these birds you see they simply ooze star quality.

I timed my arrival perfectly and managed to get a couple of phone scoped images before the bird flew off but judging by the number of berries around the car park and woodland area I'm sure a few more of these winter favourites will arrive in the coming weeks.

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  1. What did you use to eliminating the vignetting? I just received my meopix yesterday and haven't figured it out. For video, I can't get it to zoom out at all. Just get little circle videos