Monday, 28 January 2013

The most photographed bird in the UK...

...and I don't mean Katie Price or those Bearded Tits in Hyde park nor come to think of it that Slav Grebe in Dartford that is pretty darn popular!

Waxwings - surely they are most photographed bird in the UK?

Well, I'm happy - I finally have a few images of Waxwing which I'm pleased with, having seen Waxwings on numerous occasions throughout the winter I was still yet to nail a decent photograph, even on Saturday when I went to check out the small group which had been frequenting Chingford, I came away with my usual distant shots of birds perched on TV aerials! So I decided to give it another go this morning, especially as the weather forecast for the week looks wet and miserable, thus further reducing my chances of some decent images, and with spring virtually around the corner, these birds will soon start to disappear Northwards with no guarantee of another eruption next winter...oh yeah and not forgetting a certain Marathon to train for - my window of opportunity was definitely getting smaller!

I waited until the school run was over and headed back to Chingford, the street they had been seen on was by now nice and quiet, I parked up sensibly opposite the favoured Rose Hip bush and waited... I wasn't there long before the familiar notes of soft trilling could be heard and then twelve birds all landed together on a TV aerial (not more dodgy photos!) directly opposite the chosen bush, and then within a few minutes BINGO - the birds came down in sorties to feed on the overripe Rose Hips.

Due to the proximity of the bush the birds would often do a quick smash and grab feeding routine, quickly flying back up to the TV aerials once disturbed by a passerby or one of the residents leaving the house - how inconsiderate, couldn't you have waited for that milk and surely the Jeremy Kyle Show hasn't finished just yet ;-)

Photographs in the bag and youngest child to collect from nursery I was off, already thinking about my next target...mmm what was that postcode for Littlebrook Lake?

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