Sunday, 10 February 2013

A charm of...

That's right you guessed it...Goldfinches, perhaps not the most exciting bird on the British list, especially as they're one of only a handful of birds which appear to be increasing in number, having adapted their feeding habits and moved away from traditional hedgerows and field locations. They can now be seen in most gardens enjoying the delights of a bird feeder, always favouring the Nyger seed or Sunflower hearts. So why are they the subject of this post, well...having completed my monthly BTO WeBS count with nothing to write about in terms of interesting birds or numbers, I came across a flock charm of Goldfinches which numbered around fifty birds feeding on the dried-out teasel heads and having not yet fired off a single shot from the camera, it would have been churlish of me to ignore these colourful finches just because they have become common place, so I stood and admired their bright yellow wing patterns whilst listening to their jingling tones as they jumped from one batch of teasel to the next and with a little bit of patience I clicked away and finally took the classic Goldfinch image I was after... not on a bird feeder but perched on an old school teasel - just like the good old days when we still had hedgerows!

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'The old school image'

...and good news, the calf is on the mend!

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