Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Disaster...and a Slavonian Grebe

The disaster is I'm injured...bloody calf!

Celebrating Mrs B's big four 0 birthday at the weekend, I allowed myself a night off the wagon and indulged somewhat in a number of beers and even reluctantly accepted a Sambuca shot - I'd forgotten how delicious they can be!! Sunday was spent recovering from the late night and excess amounts of alcohol and any thoughts of running were firmly cast to one side - I might add I was relatively restrained. I decided to hold over my long weekend run until early Monday morning...but thirty five minutes after I had set off, my right calf started to feel tight. At first I thought it was just a little cramp and continued running at a gentler pace but as I headed up a hill the calf continued to tighten and eventually I had to stop...bollox - the last thing I wanted was to tear a muscle and not be able to train for three or four weeks! I walked the twenty five minutes home, head bowed and somewhat annoyed with myself for maybe not warming up thoroughly enough and cursing the weekends excess, which probably meant I was running when not fully hydrated. A combination of ice and a hot compress, along with twice daily 'Deep Heat' massages to the area and all I can do now is wait...give it a couple of days and then gently try out the calf again - I'm hoping and praying it's nothing serious and only a minor strain and I can hit the roads again soon, it's especially annoying as I felt I was just starting to get into a decent momentum and a good level of fitness...frustrating!

I finally made my way over to Littlebrook lake and caught up with the obliging Slavonian Grebe (Cowboy - you're not the fastest draw in the east) and as expected it showed amazing well, but as I gingerly walked around the lake I couldn't stop thinking about the calf and however pleasing it was to catch up with this super little bird at such close quarters, my mind was elsewhere...I know the calf will heal but I'm up against it time wise, with less than eleven weeks until the big day - at the moment every training run matters.

Even though I got to see and photograph the Grebe, which did lift my spirits I'm still feeling a little morose! But one interesting, if not coincidental note is that I'm told the Slavonion Grebe may be carrying its own injury as one of its feet is not looking in the best of shape - how ironic!  

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