Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pipits and Larks

That's right, a couple of our all important ground nesting birds - a bit of a conservation message coming!

I'm fortunate enough to live only a short drive away from the urban oasis (maybe that should read jungle) that is Wanstead Flats - not your typical grassland countryside habitat that you would normally expect to find and hear singing Skylark and Meadow Pipit but a small green piece of north-east London with a tiny but significant breeding population of these two birds - god only knows how they manage it, but somehow against all the odds they do!

Anyone who has ever visited the Flats will know how disturbed this area can be, surrounded on four corners by an ever growing population of London which is gasping for air and space, the Flats can be a real magnet for all manor of people and their activities; footballers, light aircraft enthusiasts, joggers, dog-walkers, religious worshippers, more than a few oddballs (I'm not referring to the local birders) and not forgetting one or two other past times which are probably best not mentioned!

So with an ever decreasing breeding population of ground nesting birds on the Flats, I can only applaud the efforts of the local birdwatching fraternity, who are endeavouring to keep alive this fragile breeding existence by placing signs around the grassland areas, in a vain hope that someone will firstly stop and read the signs and secondly actually avoid the areas and stick to the well trodden paths - we can but hope the signs will be a success and the unmistakable sound of the Skylark will be heard above Wanstead Flats this summer, the next and for many more years to come!

SOS - Save Our Skylarks

Birds, Birding, Photography, Conservation
Meadow Pipit

Birds, Birding, Photography, Conservation

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