Friday, 5 April 2013

Little Ringed Plover on Wanstead Flats

Having missed the recent good run of waders on Wanstead Flats; Curlew, Golden Plover and Stone Curlew! The thought of missing another wader this year would of been very unpalatable, so thankfully the arrival of a Little Ringed Plover which stuck has been a real bonus. For now, it has happily taken up residency around the western end of the Flats feeding in the shallow muddy pools, frequenting between the barricaded renovation works of Jubilee pond and adjacent muddy field - known locally as the police scrape. Now into it's 6th day, could we dare hope for a second bird to arrive?

With a bit of patience, good fortune (no public, especially dog-walkers) and a combat style approach (lying flat in the mud) the LRP is quite approachable and fairly tolerant of a bloke on all fours crawling towards it being photographed at eye level - what a cracking little bird.

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