Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pre-Marathon race 'thanks'

I've just polished of my last big 'carb' meal of pasta and a jacket potato, washed down with a delicious pint of water - how I've missed a takeaway and the taste of a decent beer on a Saturday night!

Well it's finally here, tomorrow is London Marathon race day... sixteen long weeks of training, with the vast majority of those training runs taking place in the bitter cold of a rather harsh British winter - I always said I was mad to take on this challenge. I'm not alone though, 40,000 other runners will be joining me, all of whom have made many sacrifices to be on that start line tomorrow, all in aid of raising as much money as possible for their chosen charities.

I've been through a bit of a journey in getting to the start line, with many highs and a couple of lows along the way, running a half-marathon in 1:56 so soon after recovering from a calf strain and completing 20 miles in 3hrs whilst being waved on by Mrs Brown and my two boys were both big highs for me. The dodgy calf strain which kept me off the roads for nearly three weeks was particularly frustrating and a big low point, but looking back it's all been bloody amazing! But what I've been most amazed about is the amount of support and best wishes I've received over the weeks, especially this week with many cards and messages of goodwill received from family, friends and my extended Twitter family and fellow Bloggers, many of whom I've never actually met but they have still made the effort to wish me well or even better made a donation to my charity - at times it's all been a bit humbling and rather emotional and I'm not embarrassed to say that I've had to fight back a tear or two just thinking about it all, especially when you think about the dreadful news from Boston this week.

Which just leaves me to say 'thanks' to you all, whatever happens tomorrow will be in the lap of the gods but the two most important things to me will have been achieved, I would have reached my charity fund raising target and I made it to the start line...wish me well.

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  1. All well deserved Tony - again, Best of Luck!

  2. Good Luck Tony
    You have already done the hardest part. The training and reaching the start line.
    Now it's time to enjoy the day.