Monday, 10 June 2013

Hobby on Rainham Marsh

A little post about my, and most birders favourite falcon the Hobby.

Watching these stunning little falcons, effortlessly swoop, glide and then capture their chosen prey as they feed over the marsh hawking for dragonflies with amazing agility, will have to be one of the highlights of summer birding.

With June being one of the quietest months of the year on the birding calendar there's no better time to get out there and observe them in action - with the added bonus of knowing they also love lying in until mid morning before putting in an appearance, there's no need to set the alarm clock too early!

These images were taken late afternoon at Rainham Marsh RSPB where there are currently up to ten birds covering the reserve. If you're fortunate enough to pick a day to visit when the sun finally comes out and temperatures rise, you could expect to see half a dozen birds circling the marsh at once, all searching for their next victim.


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