Monday, 29 July 2013

Viva Espana

This will be my last blog post for a while...I'm off on my summer holidays - yeehaa.

Ten days of sun, sea and sangria!!

Although it's very much a family holiday, I'll be packing my camera and bins and this handy little guide - just in case I feel the urge to put down my cocktail and leave my horizontal position on the inflatable lilo in the sun to actually go birding!

Birding, Spain

To be honest, I'm not expecting to see a great deal due to the time of year and my rather laid back approach to birding whilst on holiday with the family, but all the same I'll have one eye on the sky looking out for that flyover Short-toed Eagle and my ears will be on alert and listening for that distinctive 'prrut' 'prrut' of a Bee-eater - and if I do see any of these or anything else it will just be a bonus.

Adios & hasta pronto...

Oh yeah...I'm hoping that Mongolian Sand Plover currently residing in Cork doesn't decide to flyover the Irish sea and turn up somewhere along the foreshore of the Thames while I'm gone!

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