Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Essex Lesser Yellowlegs

Ok, so it's not the best photo you've ever seen of a Lesser Yellowlegs - but you can definitely see its legs, and they are yellow!

West Canvey Marsh, Canvey Island, Essex

Breaking news on Twitter this morning from David Bradnum (thanks DB) had me dashing back again to West Canvey Marsh (that's twice in three days I've visited the Island - I've not done that since dating a rather special Essex blonde!) but good news on arrival the Lesser Yellowlegs was still on show, although on the far bank opposite the hide, decent scope views were had of this skittish yank wader, rapidly feeding up and down the fringe of this large freshwater scrape.

It was good to see another near-artic wader locally other than the predictable Pectoral Sandpiper and looking at the weather charts for the next few days, this could be just the start of a mini influx of migratory American waders to our shores - an Upland Sandpiper wouldn't go a miss!

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