Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Meet the latest addition to my patch list

mmm...I'm not sure!

Wanstead Park, London

If you look carefully at the reflection in the water, that's me standing on the edge of the lake with camera and bread in hand!

But, according to the LNHS Patch List rules (section 5, last sentence - see below) Red-crested Pochard do have an exemption.

5. No escapes can be counted. [Because of the recent BOU decisions regarding category C species (and self sustaining populations) it would be in everyone's interest to still record these spp. and send their records in with the rest.]. For example Ruddy Shelduck cannot be counted. Red-crested Pochard can be counted away from Inner London and Stoke Newington Res as long as it's not taking bread from the hand!

There you go...and although the bird did come to bread, at NO time did it take any from the hand - honest!

I think this latest addition brings me up to 102 or 3 (I'm crap at keeping lists) anyhow it's a long way behind Wanstead patch stalwarts Nick, Jono, Tim and Bob etc, but I do have a resonable excuse - I have to drive to get to Wanstead, whilst everyone else can get there by foot. So If I'm ever going to get near these guys in terms of numbers I need to hatch a cunning plan - anybody interested in swapping an Edwardian four bedroom house in Woodford Green for something similar in Wanstead, preferably near the SSSI?


  1. Mr Lethbridge drove to this...

    Must be a different bird to the one I saw, either that or you can charm the birds out of the trees, so to speak

  2. I'm not sure about trees, but I have a good success rate in bars & clubs ;)

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