Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Whinchats of Wanstead

Wimbledon may have its Wombles but Wanstead has its Whinchats!

With at least five birds currently occupying the area around the Broom fields, these regular spring and autumn visitors to the Flats can easily brighten up the dullest of autumn days, as they follow each other around, flying from bush to bush, carefully balancing and perching on the thinnest but highest advantage points overlooking the fields.

They might not be at their brightest in the autumn as most birds are fresh looking juveniles/1st winters, but you can't ignore those subtle buffy-orange tones and that striking broad off-white supercilium.

Below are just a few images I managed whilst out on the Flats this week.

Wanstead Flats, London

Wanstead Flats, London

Wanstead, London

Wanstead Flats, London

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