Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Med Gull on Wanstead Flats

Searching through the growing number of Gulls which are starting to gather on the football pitches, It was nice to discover an adult winter Mediterranean Gull (patch tick) amongst the Black-headed Gulls, not visible on these images but the bird is also ringed - with a shiny piece of bling on its left leg.

If the bird sticks around, it would be good to get a clear and close image of the ring and read the unique BTO number - It's always fascinating to find out a little history about where these birds have travelled from - even if that's only a short distance from one of the Thameside landfill tips, but with recoveries recorded as far away as southern Spain - you just never know!

Adult Winter, Wanstead Flats, London

Adult Winter, Wanstead Flats, London

Adult Winter, Wanstead Flats, London

There is also an outside chance that this bird could be the well known Ilford individual 'Valentino' just briefly stopping at Wanstead before returning and over wintering in Valentines Park for the 14th (thanks Gideon) consecutive year - anybody know if 'Valentino' is ringed?


  1. Hi,
    Yes Valentino is a ringed bird, I believe it sports two rings. This Gull however isn't Valentino as he/she is already back at Valentines Park (my patch). It was reported last week and I caught up with it today. So this is must be another Med Gull! Did you say this bird was ringed?
    PS I think this is its 14th winter :)