Sunday, 24 November 2013

Colour-ringed Gulls


Some people love 'em, some people loathe them - I probably edge into the latter category, but see a colour-ringed Gull and this takes on a whole new dimension.

The 1st-winter Mediterranean Gull below was one of two birds which briefly joined the Gull flock on Wanstead Flats recently (far rarer sight in London than you would imagine) but with this bird bearing a green coloured-ring on its left leg with the letters ACJY this sighting took on a slightly greater significance. A quick search on cr-birding and then a follow up email to the assigned coordinator in Germany and confirmation was quickly received that this bird had indeed been ringed this summer in Germany - some 600km away (although I still await full recovery details).

Further proof if needed of the late autumn/early winter movement of central European fledged Mediterranean Gulls heading in a westerly direction and into the UK.

1st-winter, Gulls, colour-ringing

1st-winter, Gulls, colour-ringing

1st-winter, Gulls, colour-ringing

Another colour-ringed Gull seen recently on the Flats was this Lesser Black-backed Gull with a red-ring and the letters UL2T slightly less exciting than than the Mediterranean Gull but just as important - confirmation from the North Thames Gull Group that this bird was ringed as a second calendar year bird on the 11th December 2010 just 11km away on Rainham Tip.

Gulls, colour-ringing

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  1. Nice pics TB, and I'm sure I recognise that LBB or still have the scars !!