Sunday, 23 February 2014

Iceland Gull, Stone Barges - Rainham

With news of one, possibly two Iceland Gulls having been seen along the Thames in recent weeks, I headed out early to the Stone Barges at Rainham, were only the day before one of these birds was seen standing on the metal gantry which protrudes into the Thames - a much favoured roost site for many of the gulls which frequent Rainham landfill site. Upon arrival I bumped into Mr Croft and his young protege Josh who had had the same idea.

On a cracking spring like morning we didn't have to wait long until a sizable white-winger came into view as it flew up river and then landed on the metal gantry, with the sun rising low in the sky behind us this mostly bleached white 1st winter/2nd calendar Iceland Gull easily stood out amongst the other larids and for the next twenty minutes we all enjoyed great views of this high-artic winter visitor, before it took flight and headed back down river.

Rainham, Stone barges,

Rainham, Stone Barges

Rainham, Stone barges

Rainham, Stone barges

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