Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Showy sawbill

I popped into Connaught Water and was pleased to still find the pair of Goosander on the lake, these two birds have been around since the start of January - although I'm not expecting them to be here for much longer as we edge nearer to the end of winter. With March only a few a days away these two sawbills will soon be leaving their winter retreat of Epping Forest and should be heading north or possibly west to their summer breeding grounds along the rivers of Scotland or Wales.

Today the female gave exceptional views as she dived and fed close to the wooden boardwalk at the north end of the lake, seemingly oblivious to the constant stream of dog-walkers and pram-pushers circumnavigating the paths around Connaught Water, this well-groomed redhead happily posed for a few photos before returning to the safety of the centre of the lake.

Female, Epping Forest, Connaught Water

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