Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Red-backed Shrike, Fairlop Waters

What better news to receive than a male Red-backed Shrike on your doorstep - well virtually, just a twenty minute drive away at Fairlop Waters. With plans already made for the bank holiday Monday, I'd have to sit on news and wait until the end of the day before I got the chance to see this one.

But after the birds initial discovery in the morning, reports suggested it had quickly moved on with no sign of the bird for several hours. This all changed when Paul Hawkins goes and posts a teasingly good photo of the bird on Twitter, having successfully located the bird again. Fairlop Water is not an area I know particularly well and after a little bit of confusion as to where the birds exact location was, and then a further 30 minute search in that scrubby area, I eventually found the bird sat up on a heavily thorned thicket.

Although extremely mobile, I enjoyed good views of this very smart male bird late into the evening - a cracking way to finish off the long bank holiday weekend.

Male, Fairlop Waters, London

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