Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Stornoway Band out birding

A weekend which was mostly taken up by a family wedding put paid to any birding plans I might have had. I did however manage to nip out to Rainham for a couple hours late Sunday afternoon - always a good way to nurse a hangover. The plan was to try and catch up with one of the Temmincks Stints on the Target Pools - but unfortunately these birds never lingered, and had all quickly moved on.

Male, Rainham Marsh, RSPB
A showy male Reed Bunting, posing close to the path on the northern boardwalk
The only other sighting of note was the music band - Stornoway. I believe they were playing a small gig on the reserve that evening to a select few, as part of a whistle stop tour of several RSPB reserves to promote their latest album 'Bonxie'. If you aren't familiar with the band, a couple of the guys are keen birders - hence the name of the album and the connection with the RSPB. I'm not sure if i would have recognised them myself, if it wasn't for a recent appearance on Springwatch Unsprung with Chris Packham.

Having listened to a few sample tracks on iTunes, I would describe their sound as alternative, easy listening, modern folk - if there is such genre. Not sure it's quite my cup of tea but the new single 'Get Low' is definitely growing on me - so who knows i'll probably end up buying the album, unless of course the band appreciate the free plug on this well respected and wonderful birding blog, and feel the need to reward me with a signed copy of the album - which would be gratefully received.

Birding, Birdwatching, Rainham, RSPB
Members of Stornoway birding on Rainham Marsh RSPB
Holding the bins, lead singer Bryan Briggs and in the baseball cap Oli Steadman - I think!

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