Tuesday, 27 October 2015

From Norway with love

I've just received the recovery data on this Common Gull I saw on Wanstead Flats at the weekend, and it was aged as 3rd calendar year male and ringed on August 1st 2015 in Randaberg, Rogaland, Norway.

This bird presumably summered in southern Norway (most likely destination of where it originally fledged as a juvenile) before following a typical pattern for these birds of crossing the North Sea in the autumn - travelling over 900km to spend its winter in the UK, before making the return journey in the spring to breed as an adult - I'm no laraphile but I've definitely got a new found appreciation for these noisey chip stealers who for too long have had a bad press.

Colour Ringed, Ringing, Gulls
Common Gull (J8M4)
900km from Rogaland, Norway to Wanstead Flats

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