Tuesday, 26 July 2016

In search of Southern Migrant Hawker

I took the kids to Wat Tyler Country Park with the promise of ice cream and zip slides but little did they know that the real reason was to search for dragonflies, and in particular Southern Migrant Hawker.

With ice creams eaten and as little time as possible spent in the kids play park, I dragged them both in the direction of a favoured location - a heavily reeded pond close to the marina, but in the half an hour I could keep them occupied without getting bored of staring at reeds, we only had one brief glimpse of a possible SMH but even through the bins I just couldn't get a good enough view to be sure, so unfortunately today wasn't to be our day and we had to be content with close views of a smart male Broad-bodied Chaser - which even the kids thought was epic!

Male, Dragonflies

Male, Dragonflies

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