Sunday, 22 January 2017

Shrike Dipping

I gave the patch a miss on Saturday (always a tad risky) and instead opted for a dawn walk through the Ingrebourne Valley in search of the Great Grey Shrike. Finding this bird was always going to be difficult as it's been very mobile and hard to pin down to one location and with plenty of good habitat on offer over a large area, it's easy to see why this bird goes missing for days at a time before being reported again - but a local Shrike of any description is always worth trying for. After a couple of hours wandering the frozen trails (not entirely sure where I was going) it was no big surprise that I drew a blank, and not wanting to waste all of my Saturday morning I gave up and headed the short distance to Rainham.

After last weeks brief stop at Pitsea for the Waxwings in the pouring rain, it was great to see a more obliging bird at Rainham and this time on a wonderful clear, crisp winter's day.

Winter, Rainham, RSPB