Sunday, 26 February 2017

Bread-crusted Pochard

Who said February was a dire month for birds?

Following Saturdays patch year tick of Med Gull I've only gone and quickly added another to the list...Red-crested Pochard! Ok, Its origins are a bit questionable...but I see it's quickly appeared on Jono's list - so that's good enough for me. In the short time I had watching the bird it showed very little interest in the white-sliced loaf being chucked in its direction by a family feeding the ducks on the pond, although when a well dressed gentleman turned up with a Warburtons seeded batch the bird soon perked up - clearly this bird is from one of our Royal Parks in west London!

Duck, Wildfowl, Female
Bread-crusted Pochard...Ha..Ha..Ha

1 comment:

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