Sunday, 9 April 2017

Broken Spring

I'm struggling! My fellow patch workers are struggling! Wanstead is struggling!

It's now April 9th, and to date, the following is a list of summer migrants I've seen on the patch this Spring:

Northern Wheatear  - 1 (one)
Chiffchaff - A few of these
Blackcap - A few more of these
Willow Warbler - 1 (one)

And that's it - No Sand Martins, no Swallows, no hirundines at all! My single Wheatear was way back on March 11th - that's almost a month ago, and I've still only seen one, yes one Wheatear!

I can sense the frustration amongst the regulars, we meet up, discuss what we haven't seen, talk about what everyone else has seen, groan, then walk around the patch a bit more, see nothing, and then go home. This is not good, and things have to change - and change fast! Otherwise we're all off to our new patch - Walthamstow!

Jono Lethbridge, Bob Vaughan
The a couple of down trodden and broken patch regulars, trudging off home!

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