Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Slow Rise of the Patch List

A had big hopes for today's patch visit, with potentially twelve gettable year ticks to aim for - but in the end I only managed to eek out just the four (Yellow Wagtail, Sedge Warbler, Common Buzzard and Reed Warbler) bringing up the year list to a non-spectacular 83 with plenty of gaps still to fill - I hope to see this number continue to rise in the next week or two.

The friendly Common Sandpiper was still hanging around on Alexandra Lake and Northern Wheatears had hit a Spring high count of five birds across the Flats - with one rather confiding female, which kept Jono, James and myself fully entertained for 15 minutes as we all edged closer and closer to the bird on our ever expanding middle-aged bellies with cameras in hand - a very comical sight to all passing dog walkers and the like.

Female, Spring

Female, Spring

Female, Spring

Before calling it a day, I briefly stopped at Wanstead Park with one purpose in mind to year tick the annual Reed Warblers which frequent the small reed bed on Shoulder of Mutton Lake, this was an immediate success with two birds happily churring away, positioning myself on the grassy bank and instantly one pops straight into view - with the photographic results below.

Wanstead, London, Breeding


  1. Wow, got the Reed Warbler!

  2. Yep - You could say I nailed it!

    1. Lovely. Seeing as you went to see it so did I btw. No camera however,