Monday, 10 April 2017

Three LRP's...but what's next?

I love berating the patch (see previous post) because without fail it goes and delivers up a little gift to keep you interested, and today's gift came in the form of a Little Ringed Plover, and not one but three! Trebling the number of LRP's I've previously seen on the patch.

The Heronry lake had sprung a leak and is draining faster than an ice cold G&T on a warm Sunday afternoon! Which is not good for our local breeding population of wildfowl (Mute Swan, GC Grebe, MallardMoorhen, Coot) but for those of us who miss seeing regular views of waders on a patch, this misfortune could be a god send, and those three LRP's might be the start of something very special this Spring (stop, stop, stop - I'm getting carried away). What I'm trying to say is, if a Greenshank decided to drop in and then stay long enough for me to see it - I'd be a very happy chappy (and I wouldn't be the only one).

Waders, London, Wanstead
A bit of a ropey photo in the quickly fading evening light, but three wonderful Little Ringed Plovers

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