Sunday, 13 May 2018

Two of my Favourite Butterflies

Mid May and the patch has already got that summer doldrums feel about it - spring passage has now virtually dried up with just a single Wheatear knocking around the Brooms early on Saturday morning. There's plenty of activity from the resident breeding Sylvia Warblers but nothing of new to report with just Garden Warbler still waiting to be added to the Wanstead year list - maybe we'll have to wait until the return of autumn passage to now catch up with that one!

On the plus side at least I had two of my favourite butterflies on show, despite there diminutive size both Green Hairstreak and Small Copper have bag loads of colour and character when seen up close. The Green Hairstreak appears to be doing very on the Flats, I'm unsure if the increase in numbers is also reflected nationally but this once locally scarce butterfly is now a regular sight in the patches of long grass surrounding many of the copse's across Wanstead Flats. The Small Copper was my first this year and looked like a freshly emerged individual and was unusually still and calm for this typically hyperactive little butterfly.

Butterfly, Butterflies
Green Hairstreak
Butterfly, Butterflies
Small Copper

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