Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Red-backed Shrike on Wanstead Flats

As photos of Red-backed Shrike go...I think these are amongst the poorest I've ever posted, but who cares as these photos are of a Red-backed Shrike on the patch!

Year after year, the Wanstead crew try and predict what birds might show-up on the patch and without fail Red-backed Shrike is always at the top of that list, so finally today and after a wait of 38 years (the last one recorded was in the Old Sewage Works in 1980) a bird did the decent thing and showed up! Well done to Nick Croft for finding this cracking juvenile in the Pub Scrub (just east of Alexandra Lake).

I would've loved to of stayed longer for more views of the bird (as it was being a little elusive at times) but with two kids in tow it's only so long you can occupy them with a football - and as I couldn't persuade Tim or Bob to go in goal for a bit I had to reluctantly leave...still, it certainly feels good to add another Shrike to the patch list.

Juvenile, London, Wanstead

Juvenile, London, Wanstead

Juvenile, Wanstead, London

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