Saturday, 10 November 2018

Caspian Gull Redeemed

Having missed last weekends Caspian Gull on the patch (not technically missed - as the ID of the bird wasn't confirmed until photographs were circulated Sunday evening) I managed to redeem the situation by going and finding this 1st-winter bird on the football pitches this morning - Only my second ever at Wanstead. And having reviewed the photos of last weekends bird, this looks to be a new bird? Again it doesn't appear to have the purest of Caspian genes with some German influence but none the less a Caspian Gull.

As always comments welcome...

1st-Winter, Gulls, Cachinnans, Wanstead

1st-winter, Gulls, Cachinnans, Wanstead

1st-winter, Gulls, Cachinnans,Wanstead

1st-Winter, Gulls, Cachinnans, Wanstead

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