Saturday, 23 March 2019

March, the new April?

As early spring days on the patch go, today was a bit special. The Cetti's Warbler from last weekend was still calling from the scrub near Alexandra lake and a pair of Great crested Grebes were a bit of a surprise as I walked around the lake, but it all kicked-off when I flushed a Woodcock from East Copse as I watched one our resident Little Owls. There was a small movement overhead throughout the morning with Meadow Pipit (27) Redwing (35) and Chaffinch (15). Chiffchaff had now arrived in numbers (6+) singing and Blackcap (2) were in full song, a brief female Wheatear in the Broom fields was a birthday bonus for Jono and Sand Martin (2) were my first of the year but the highlight went to a very early House Martin quickly thru the fairground, smashing the patch record earliest by 10 days and was a London first of year.

Wanstead, London

The morning wasn't quite over as bit of skywatching from the banks of Alexandra Lake, produced Sparrowhawk, Common Buzzard, Peregrine Falcon and Red Kite all within a short fifteen minute window which all helped me to add 7 patch ticks to the Year List - It's a been a slow start to the year on the patch, but today felt as if spring had finally arrived.


  1. you are ahead of me by one, and I live on the patch!

  2. Stop hitting that snooze button and you'll soon overtake me...