Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Quadrennial Wood Warbler

Almost four years to the day, another spring Wood Warbler has rocked up on Wanstead Flats. This time in Long Wood just across the road from where I found that special Little Singer in the SSSI back in April 2015.

Navigating traffic in this part of the world is an ongoing battle, so I decided to jump on the bike straight after work to head straight to the Flats in hope of adding the Wood Warbler to the patch year list, smart move on my part as I'd reached Long Wood in less than 20 minutes and with James and Bruce already here, and both having recently heard the bird break briefly into song - I was confident of catching up with it. Less than 10 minutes later I'd picked out the clean white underparts of a Wood Warbler as it worked its way through the top of the canopy. This bird was in no mood for singing and was silent except for the the briefest of trills in the hour or so I was there, but the views were OK and I even managed to grab a photo as it briefly dropped a little lower down, but for most part it always kept to the higher reaches of the Oak canopy.

Seeing and hearing a spring Wood Warbler is always a bit special in London, I just hope I don't have to wait another four more years to experience another one.

Spring, Male, Singing
So it's not going to win any prizes but none the less a photo of a London Wood Warbler

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