Monday, 2 September 2019

Poolside Birding on the Greek Island of Zakynthos

I've just returned from a super-chilled week on the Greek Island of Zakynthos with the family, although birding was never part of the agenda I couldn't help but explore the local area close to our accommodation, whilst always keeping one eye on the sky as I lounged around the pool. The habitat on our hillside location in the south of the island near Keri was a mixture of pines, Olive plantations and some impenetrable thorny scrub. Each morning I'd make a quick recce of the area before breakfast, the plan was always to get out just after sunrise but I often struggled due to the prior evenings intake of the very likeable Mythos Beer!

It soon became apparent that Zante wasn't exactly alive with birds (well not in this location) in my week on the island I only managed to amass a grand total of just 21 species - I know my birding was limited but I had hoped for a few's the list and the details.
  1. House Sparrow - A small local flock of around 10+
  2. Collared Dove - Several local pairs
  3. Eleonoras Falcon - 2 over the accommodation (1 dark phase)
  4. Common Buzzard - Up to 4 birds circling daily
  5. Sparrowhawk - 2 sightings of single birds
  6. Marsh Harrier - 1 female distantly picked up through the bins
  7. Sardinian Warbler - Numerous pairs, c20 in the area
  8. Serin - 1 briefly in Pine Trees
  9. Red-backed Shrike - 1 male, intermittently seen throughout the week
  10. Spotted Flycatcher - Up to 4 birds seen in the area
  11. Swallow - Numerous, 50+ most days - Including 1 albino bird
  12. Red-rumped Swallow - 20+ most days
  13. House Martin - 20+ most days
  14. Sand Martin - c5 seen most days
  15. Northern Wheatear - 1 in flight
  16. Scops Owl - 1 briefly perched on electricity wires (Well spotted Mrs B)
  17. Great Tit - 4 (1 single bird and a group of 3)
  18. Greenfinch - small local flock of 5 >10
  19. Honey Buzzard - 2 calling birds flying low over the accommodation
  20. Yellow Wagtail - 1 in flight calling
  21. Hobby - 1 over the accommodation
Greece, Zante,
Red-rumped Swallows 
Greece, Zante

Greece, Zante

Greece, Zante
The most numerous bird on my holiday patch - Sardinian Warbler (m)
Greece, Zante

Greece, Zante
Spotted Flycatcher 
Male, Greece, Zante
The local male Red-backed Shrike always kept its distance
And lastly a couple of none bird photos of interest - European Mantis and Cone-headed Grasshopper both of which wouldn't look out of place in the next Aliens instalment.

Greece, Zante

Greece, Zante


  1. Nice Post. The Beauty of Greek Islands & natural wildlife found here is truly enthralling. I am planning to apply for Greece Tourist Visa & head to Zakynthos & Serifos with my family.

  2. Good luck Emily and have a great trip

  3. magnus from sweden17 January 2020 at 09:48

    Hello. i am coming to the island in april. anyone there who like to come along for some birding? or even someone who can guide me?