Sunday, 6 October 2019

If Calsberg did Record Shots

You could say the last couple of weekends on the patch have been a little bit special...unlike the photography!

First up was the Osprey on the 28th September, a welcome patch tick and was just the 4th record at Wanstead in recent times.
  1. One early morning over the Flats on the 7th September 2011
  2. One over the Flats on the 8th April 2014
  3. A single bird reported on the 13th April 2016 over the Esso Copse
Wanstead, London
Yes...that is an Osprey
Next up was the Marsh Harrier on the 5th October, yet another sought after raptor and patch tick. This was only the 6th record for Wanstead, the other five sightings are listed here.
  1. One over the Old Sewage Works on the 8th May 2011
  2. One from the Lake House scrub on the 26th August 2012 
  3. One on the 20th March 2013
  4. A juvenile over Long Wood on the 27th August
  5. A female circling over Jubilee Pond on the 5th October 2018
Wanstead, London
From the heavily cropped photos it look as this bird was 1st-winter or female Marsh Harrier
Wanstead, London

And just to add to the record shot bonanza, here's the Jack Snipe I found on the 5th October, not a patch tick but a year tick this time and only my 3rd ever record at Wanstead. This was the 8th record for the patch of this scarce winter visitor.
  1. One on Heronry on the 26th October 1979
  2. One on Alexandra Lake on the 5th February 2012
  3. One near Alexandra Lake on the 29th September 2013
  4. One near Alexandra Lake on the 23rd September 2014
  5. One on Angel Pond on the 6th December 2014
  6. One on Alexandra Lake on the 22nd October 2016
  7. A bird flew onto Jubilee Pond on the 27th February 2018
Wanstead, London

Wanstead, London

Wanstead, London

As it currently stands my Wanstead list now sits on 144 with the Year List moving onto 105. I thought I wouldn't top last years 109 but as we enter the last weeks of autumn and head into the final winter months of 2019 - can I get five more ticks to get me 110? Well...If the last couple of weeks are anything to go by then I've got every chance.

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