Sunday, 3 November 2019

Odd Small Gull

A couple of hours on the patch this morning and I was rewarded with a year tick (107) as a calling Yellowhammer circled over the football pitches, it was also good to see my first autumn Woodcock but the most interesting bird of the morning was a rather odd small gull! From a distance and before I picked up any features what stood out was its size - it was small, clearly smaller than the Black-headed Gulls it was associating with on Alexandra Lake.

On closer inspection the bird appeared to be just a small adult winter Black-headed Gull but was lacking the usual dark prominent ear spot. Along with the small round head and dainty bill what also struck me was the birds posture in the water with a high angled rear end, almost as if it was top heavy. I'm fairly confident the bird is just a runty BHG but none the less an intriguing bird.

Adult, Winter Plumage

Adult, Winter Plumage

Flight shot showing a typical Black-headed Gull wing pattern and red legs
Not the best photo but it does show how small the gull is in comparison with the Black-headed Gulls in the background and foreground

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  1. Unfortunately Tony, it appears nobody gives a toss about Gulls. Which is a great shame obvs.