Saturday, 23 November 2019

Snaresbrook Caspian Gull - It's Back!

I've been keeping an eye on Eagle Pond (Snaresbrook) for the last couple of weeks (It's just down the road to where I live) in hope that a certain Gull might have returned for another winter - and today I got the result I was after.

The Caspian Gull is back on Eagle Pond and looking smarter than ever.

It's now the 4th year in a row this bird has decided to spend its winter in the area. It was first seen on Wanstead Flats back in December 2015 (in 1st-winter plumage) four years on and now an adult and in its 5th calendar year it was good to catch-up with it again. 

Weather-wise it was't the best day for photography but I did manage to get a few photos and if the bird sticks around as it has in previous years then I've got every opportunity to improve on these.

Snaresbrook, London

Snaresbrook, London

Snaresbrook, London

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