Friday, 3 April 2020

Lockdown List - Week 2 Update

After the excitement of seeing a Marsh Harrier on the 27th March, I had to wait until the 30th to add a new bird to the lockdown list with Kestrel hovering at a distance but comfortably snaffled in the scope to bring the tally up to 31, this was quickly followed-up with Greenfinch (32) also scoped from some distance - Greenfinch still remains a garden rarity and I still await one to actually visit the garden feeders.

An early start on the 31st and I was rewarded with three Mallard (33) quickly identified through the bins before losing sight of them as they disappeared over the neighbours rooftop. A pair of Mistle Thrush (34) over the garden was a welcome sight and then a single Goldcrest (35) briefly stopped in one of the Birch trees and I was on a roll! An afternoon sky-watch delivered more results with a Peregrine (36) bombing across the skyline - I can be thankful to the local feral Pigeons for alerting me to that one.

The 1st of April dawned the start of a new month and what better way to begin than with a full fat garden tick as a Rook (37) flew low east over the rooftops with that narrow pale bill easily noticeable against the early morning rising sun. The only other new bird on the 1st was a Grey Heron (38) dropping in low behind a row of terraced houses - someone must have a garden pond which is probably missing a few fish now!

The 2nd was noticeable for a movement of Redwing (39) as I recorded c130 in a 2hr hour window from 7.30am mostly going E and NE. The 2nd and 3rd of April will also be remembered for the extraordinary inland movement of Common Scoter through the night, unfortunately they managed to avoid the airspace above Woodford Green but to be honest I didn't give it much of a go and struggled to stay up beyond midnight - I blame the red wine!

Friday 3rd April and I was stood on the patio at the start of another day and for once it didn't feel as cold as previous mornings, I could see movement on the trunk of a tall tree on the horizon and watched as a Green Woodpecker (40) came slowly bouncing towards me. Then a real prize of Fieldfare 'chack-chack-chacking' overhead brought up number 41 on the list - I was almost resigned to missing one of these so was chuffed to add it to the list. This was soon followed by a lone Common Gull (42) another bird that might have been difficult to add with many now on high northern hemisphere breeding sites.

That's week 2 of the lockdown almost complete and I've amassed a reasonable 42 species - with 2 garden ticks. The full list can be viewed here - Lockdown List

Let's see what week 3 brings...

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