Sunday, 17 May 2020

The Best Spaniard to Grace a Golf Course Since Seve Ballesteros

Ever since the government gave the green light for golf courses to reopen I've been itching for 9 holes, so I rocked-up at Lee Valley Golf course wearing my tartan plus 4's and carrying my bag and clubs only to discover the course was still closed - what a shame, but never mind as I'm furloughed I can always come back when it re-opens. I was just about to leave when I chanced upon a singing Iberian Chiffchaff - well...what are the chances of that?? It was also fortunate that I had my bins and camera to hand..!

The bird always kept to the tops of the Sallows on the edge of the golf course and could be clearly heard from the adjacent roadside. In the short-time I was there the Ibe Chiffy was in full and diagnostic voice. It also showed an extensive pollen horn around the base of the bill, giving the impression of being quite long and pointy billed. The underparts were noticeably clean white with a subtle lemon wash around the flanks/vent and face in the good light - although this is not an ID feature those characteristics were more in line with the appearance of Willow Warbler than a collybita Chiffchaffbut aside from those noticeable features it was all about that repetitive and ID clinching song...

Singing, Spring, Song

Singing, Spring, Song

Singing, Spring, Song

Iberian Chiffchaff song captured on the video clearly on three occasions and was a repetitive and distinctive chiff, chiff, chiff, chiff, sweet, sweet, chachacha... 

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