Monday, 22 February 2021

Wanstead Wheatear Sweepstake 2021

Well...didn't that come around quickly! I can't believe another year has gone by so fast, it feels like it was only yesterday when I presented Jono with the 'Golden Wheatear Chalice' at a socially distanced event (I think there may have been 8 of us) from the vismig location on Wanstead Flats. The pubs were obviously closed as we entered lockdown number 1 so we had no choice about the venue, however I've never seen Jono looking so happy, well, not since he noc-migged Common Scoter over his house (he's clearly easily pleased) as that beaming smile went from ear to ear as he lifted aloft that mock gold trophy as his family cheered on - It clearly meant a lot!

If you've not had the pleasure of viewing the draw for this years sweepstake here's a link in which I do my best Jack Dee impression!

Here's the list of dates chosen by our of 10 contenders...and why it's so important to be picked out of the hat early, as history shows mid-month on Wanstead Flats is prime Wheatear time.

The Rules
  1. Whoever correctly predicts the date of the first sighting of a Wheatear on the patch (Wanstead) wins!
  2. In the event of the 1st sighting being on a date not selected (i.e 1st March) then the contestant closest to that date wins. If by chance this date falls between two selected dates then the winner will be the contestant who selected the later date.
  3. If a visiting birder, dog walker or Sunday league footballer were to claim a Wheatear sighting, then photographic evidence would need to be gathered and verified before announcing a winner. In the absence of a photograph, the committee will decide if the sighting is viable.
And here in all it's glory is that rather special chalice we are all playing for... 

Wanstead, Birders, Sweepstake
The photo flatters the trophy
It's only 8 inches tall and made of purest gold plastic with a faux marble base 

And finally it gives me great pleasure to announce that this year, the good birders of Wanstead have chosen 'Birds on the Brink' as their nominated charity and all proceeds from the sweepstake will be going to this wonderful bird conservation charity.

Good luck to all of our competitors - updates and the winner will be posted on here in due course.

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