Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Iceland Gull - The one that very almost got away!

I don't really have the time (or the energy) to cover all the patch dramatics in the last 48hrs! So here's a few bullet points to summarise the events - whoever said patch birding was dull?? 

Tuesday 23rd March

  • Rob finds a Wheatear
  • Richard crowned 2021 Sweepstake winner (more of that to come)
  • Mary finds an all white Gull (her description) on Alexandra Lake
  • Gull dismissed as Leucistic
  • Better photos pushed for and finally obtained
  • Gull identified as juvenile/1st-winter Iceland Gull - Patch Mega and 1st record for Wanstead!
  • Majority of team Wanstead drop everything and tick Iceland Gull 
  • Gull does a bunk! (Tony, James & Simon fail to connect for various reasons)
  • Majority of team Wanstead cracks open a beverage and celebrates a very special patch tick (and also wish Jono a happy birthday)
  • Tony, James and Simon - Sulk
Wednesday 24th March
  • Negative early sign of Iceland Gull
  • Another Wheatear seen (these are now old hat)
  • James re-finds Iceland Gull on Alexandra Lake
  • Tony and Simon now also connect with Iceland Gull
  • All of team Wanstead is happy again and serenity returns to the patch
  • Tony, James and Simon crack open a beverage and celebrate
A full transcript of the last 48hrs is available upon request as a 78 page A4 PDF document based on 3798 WhatsApp messages!

Here are a few Iceland Gull photos...I can't describe how happy it makes me feel to finally see a large white-winger on the patch.

2cy faded, spring

2cy, faded, spring

2cy, faded, spring

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